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The INTERNATIONAL CREW EXCHANGE ( provides support that is in every way focused on the specialized needs of those in the Maritime Service Industries living, traveling and working abroad. Our solution involves combining technology and common sense providing a full spectrum of support for you, the crew. Within this environment our support levels expand to provide you with a unique and innovative community for the sole purpose of becoming your one stop shop.
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We understand the importance of today's working environment and attention to specialized services, and therefore we've started an extensive membership program. Not only does this extend the range of services available to you, it also will lead to special discounts, bonus programs, as well as unlimited use of all our services.

Services included:
- Free E-mail
- Personalized Account
- Online Shopping Services
In the near future our service offering will include:
- Job Center and Management
- On-Line Banking and Financial Services
- On-Line Training and Translation Services
- Unlimited Communication Support, Phone Cards, Phone Rentals
- Travel Services and Discounts
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International Crew Exchange only exists with your help and input. That is why we have made it our mission
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