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Give your Support - Red Cross

The International Crew Exchange,, is on it's way to becoming the premiere all crew internet web portal, focusing on the specialized needs of those whose jobs require them to be living, traveling, and working abroad. The portal combines such benefits as communication services, e-commerce transactions, centralized banking, job search services, travel services, port information, plus established ongoing relationships connected to the many cultures, nationalities, and families that make up the total 'crew' community.
One Crew Forum
OneCrew Forum

These industries are in need of people that are educated, efficient, and in touch with the needs and expectations of today's marketplace. The survival of the future of these industries will revolve around those companies willing to invest time and money into creating a work force that can provide this superior performance.

In an age where eCRM is being tossed around as the cure for getting and keeping customers, companies need to understand even more that the software initiatives are only as the people behind it. Yes, we know who the customer is, where they live, and what they buy, but it is the person facing them at that moment in time which will establish their service experience.

This specialized web portal will allow all crew members from a variety of industries to have a centralized point-of-communication specifically geared to help them in finding the tools that they need to not only survive in their environment but even more important . . to excel. Our vision of centralizing this point-of-communication across all service industries will help to unify this very important segment of the world population.

Contact us to become a part of our vision of
One World, One Crew, One Service.

International Crew Exchange
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