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Message Boards are a great way to post your greetings, locate a friend, or arrange a party. Looking for crew? Have a look at the message board for postings for the crewing options available. Remember, that the message boards are to be used as a service to the crew as a whole, therefore we ask you do not abuse the services available by posting anything that could be read as offensive.
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This message board supports the Cruise and Ferries service personnel. Specific ships have been added as requests come in. If your ship is not listed, please contact us and we will get it added for you to access. Email your suggestions

This message board supports the Shipping and Tanker community. Because of the many ships currently in operation at this time, the categories are based on a non-ship specific basis. If you find a category not available that you would wish to have added, please contact us with your suggestion. Email your suggestions

This message board supports a very unique and vital operation to our world, therefore we felt the need to provide them with a service focusing on their specific needs. This forum needs your suggestions to help build the categories you need to support your time away. Email your suggestions

This message board supports those working and living on yachts around the world. The categories are based on suggestions given to us by those who find themselves in this unique Customer Service arena. Of course there is always room for more categories so please let us know how we can help. Email your suggestions
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